What we know about Anne Hathaway wedding?

Media thought that Anne Hathaway would not getting married this year because she is so busy with The Dark Night Rises and Les Miserables. But it is like shock that she just getting married in September 29, 2012. Well... Only few guests that be invited and I'm not the lucky one who have been invited too. 

Just curious with the wedding dress look like then I was surfing through internet hope I will get good and complete detail. But like I was thought it still hard to get the wedding dress detail. Anna Hathaway who played princess but that was not regal as her wedding day. 

Here some snapshot which I got from many source, ehm... they said if you took something from many source then it is legal because it is research while if you only took from 1 source then it is illegal because it is plagiarism. Then I'm not the one who become plagiarism because I took from many sources. 

What we know about Anna Hathaway gorgeous wedding day?
1. The groom is Adam Shulman, he was an actor and a jewelry designer. 
2. Anne and Adam had been dating for over four years before saying “I do”.
3. Adam engage Anne about 1 year ago.
4. The wedding ceremony took place on a private residence in Big Sur, Calif in front of 180 guests and some pretty rustic décor.
5. The ceremony held with Jews ceremony.
6. The ceremony was held when Sunset.
7. The wedding planner is Yifat Oren and the nuptials organizer is Natalie Portman‘s (which took place in Big Sur as well)
8. The rehearsal dinner took place at the Ventana Inn and Spa.
9. Anne Hathaway wedding dress designed by Valentino. The gown something like a dreamy, gauzy ball gown with lots of tulle involved, and it looks like some or all of it was subtly patterned. Anne also wore a dramatic headpiece and veil. Adam looked ravishing as well in a classic tux.
10. The decor was simple and rustic to fit the natural setting of the ceremony.
11. And here are check out that dress:

May they have a very happy life together.


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