Breaking Down Part 2

Breaking Down is the 4th and last book of twilight saga, in movie Breaking Down divide into 2 parts. The part 1 of Breaking Down movie is about the wedding, honeymoon and Bella transform (Renesmee born). In the Breaking Down part 2 it must be about Bela enjoying to be new vampire and her new power, Renesmee growing and the battle with Voltaire family. As I remember from the book the battle quite interesting because Edward invite his family's friends to help him. Many kind vampires around the world will come and each of them has supper power like electric power, water binding and others. In this battle amount of werewolf also greater than before because it is like curse when the vampire greater then the werewolf will be greater. 

In part 2 Bella also can control her power, her power is about creating protection like shield. This shield will grow bigger and larger, before its only protect her self then in the battle she already success control it to shield all the group. And Bella also can control about her protection whenever she want. This shield can't protect from physical power but it can protect from power like mind reading, torment which control like telepathy and other (something not physical).

What the battle is? The battle is about Voltaire family afraid that Renesmee is like immortal child vampire which which get infection when still kid. Vampire body is not growing (older) and child is hard to control so it will be a danger for vampire clans so it must be destroyed. Well... I think part 2 is more interesting than other Twilight Saga stories. For who hate Twilight Saga because it is too much romantic or because Edward is too perfect as a man or whatever their reason, part 2 of Breaking Down I think worth to watch.

Here is Breaking Down Part 2 Theatrical Trailer:


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