Osama is died!

Yesterday, news of the death of Osama bin Laden was broadcast in full in one Indonesian private TV station. And I am as a stupid person concerned about the Americans who celebrate the death of Osama. Why am I concerned? Since I do not understand why they celebrate the death of Osama.
And I also ask who the hell is Osama, how come the profile such as artificial (artificial certain elements)? What he had done in the international world that the American population was so happy to hear of his death?
Then I tried to answer in terms of my stupidity, bin Laden believed to be the king of terrorists and an enemy of the world because he is a dangerous man and a restless world. So his death is to be celebrated. Stupid and Liar!
Osama is a figure made in America to make America look great with the help of the media who always broadcast a lie. And the fans of these media, are the ones who succeed are hypnotized by the lies.
Osama's death was a fake, at first glance the photo looks real, but look closely. Weird and whether it is a coincidence? The answer is that Osama is the death news was made or organized by some of unresponsive people .

Look at the picture and follow my sight, from the top of the head we know it is a photo of a man that dead because of shot by gun and it is quite long enough for dieing so that his skin was pale and his eyes broken, but see the lips of his picture of the dead, the death have lips that are as fresh as human that still alive beside other face was pale.

So lets compare with picture on the bellow.
Do you now believe that Osama is a fake and that his death was also false.
Um .... what's hard to fool the world inhabited by stupid people, events of the destruction of WTC 9 / 11 able to fool the whole world so the news about Osama's death should so easy for the good director to create other movie. The story is like an artist who has succeeded in acting to create believer that this director is best director and now he's no longer useful, and the artist become useless because of many reason then the artist must be declared dead so that people do not ask again about the artist.

Wake up people, real signs of the end of times in which large of slander believed as the truth.


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