What happen with this world?

Do you thinking what happen with this world lately? Many dictators leader in Middle East are fall down by their citizen.

I note it, this world will be changing. I believe that there is a real leader will come soon but this leader not lead us to the new world order (NWO) like the usa and Israel's dreams.

I'm hurry waiting this leader. Wake up people join us in www.wakeupproject.com and watch The Arrivals video series. I was shocked when i watch that. You will see the true what is happening with this world now.

Do you believe or not, we only want you to thinking and want to share, what actually happening in this world. And we give a warn as early as we can.

Wake up people, we are the last ummah, prepare our self to defend the truth and to gave evidence that Islam is the most right religion. I love Islam, we are Muslim, we have to united in one nation. We are Muslim and we believe that there is no god but only Allah and Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet.

Wake up people, wake up Muslim!


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