Happy Birthday To Me

Older....yah Happy Birthday to me. No party only gratitude to Allah for giving so wonderful life. Every day of my life was never same, sometime sad and sometime happy but its make my life become wonderful, full color and not bland.
Extraordinary ..
Allah.. thank you for bringing those incredible and love me. Thanks for bringing them and love them as they love me.
Thanks you so much......

Enjoy Birthday song from youtube:


safrudin said...

Meskipun telat tapi g ada salahnya "Selamat Ulang Tahun" smoga sehat selalu

anjieya said...

Thanks mas Safrudin. Hehehe..Amin..thanks buat do'anya.

gaelby said...

All the best wishes for your birthday. Happy bitrhday :)
It's my 1th visit, how do you do ? I gonna follow your nice blog now. Thanks :)

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